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Yes, you can export data from your practice management system and we provide various ways for you to do this.

Yes, you can securely upload a phot direct into a patients file quickly and easily on any iPhone, iPad or android camera phone. Log in to your FootCo account in the normal way on one of these device. You can stay logged in on another device. Go to the patient you want to add a photo and click the photo icon on the left hand menu bar. Simply click add new photo, select the camera option and take your picture. Click insert and that all done.

Yes the site is designed so it will work on any device that has a internet connection. You can connect a tablet to your phones hot spot when out on the road. You can also use your phone however some menus are harder to read on such a small device.

The simple answer is "NO" unless you add multiple users. Your sensitive data is encrypted on our UK Servers and cannot be read or accessed by other users unless you grant them access.

FootCo allows you to upload an icon or photo for the main account, the user and each clinic. In fact each clinic location can have its own photo if you want. The video takes you through how to change these images in a step by step and easy to follow manner.

This is easy as a member. Each time you complete any form of CPD, simply add it to your personal portfolio in your membership area. The system will log how many hours you have done. You can even print out the entire list of your CPD activities in any time period.

We take your data security incredibly seriously and use industry standard 256 bit encryption on all sensitive data. This is the same standard used by banks and major industry. Find out more by watching our short video which explains more about how we protect you and your patients.

Our site uses a secure encrypted HTTPS connection, this mean all the data you send and receive from the site is encrypted. To view the SSL certificate for the secure HTTPS connection, click on the 'pad lock' in your browser. Turning on two factor Authentication provides even more protection as you need username, password and 4 digit pin which changes every 30 seconds.

We are in business to build strong a positive relationships with our customers. We know that once you have been using a system for a while transferring data can be time-consuming. We pledge to limit our price increases to less than the RPI annually. This means you can be confident that FootCo. will be excellent value today and will remain excellent value into the future.

Check out our video which explains the benefits of joining FootCo.

We recognise that people's circumstances can change and so we don't bind customers to lengthy contracts. You can cancel your subscription at anytime via your PayPal account. If you decide to change your mind simply re-join and your data will still be there waiting for you.

You'll be pleased to know that you do not have to continue paying your subscription after you retire. You are however legally required to hold your clinical records for seven years and longer in the case of children. We will retain your records on our secure servers for this period and set up an agreed file deletion date for you.

The system has been developed specifically by a team of leading Podiatrists for the Podiatry profession. We understand that running a private practice can be tough in today's climate. We have deliberately kept our pricing as low as possible to help our members benefit from all the great features FootCo has to offer without charging huge fees. We have also kept our pricing plans simple with no hidden extras.

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