Our system is so much more than a private practice software package, it is a complete practice solution developed by Consultant Podiatric Surgeon. Mr. Stuart Metcalfe in collaboration with some of the UK’s most experienced Podiatrists.

Stuart has over twenty five years experience in the field of medical litigation and has identified some common themes in the many hundreds of cases he has worked involving Podiatrists and other AHP’s. These experiences led to the concept of a centralised resource for private practitioners that would improve their practice efficiency and offer additional tools and resources to improve the quality of patient care a reduce this risk of litigation.

✔ Uniquely designed for whole Podiatry profession
✔ No hidden price hikes
✔ Unlimited patient records
✔ Add users as your practice grows
✔ No hidden extra costs
✔ Ultra secure data storage
✔ Accessible, secure and efficient management of your patient data
✔ No contract tie-ins


Mr Nick Middleditch

"I work in private practice part-time and moving to an electronic system was no on my radar until I saw that FootCo had been designed for Podiatrists. I find the patient videos and information sheets really useful. I also like being able to have notes stored safely on the cloud and available 24/7. No more paper notes!!!!"

Anne Fellows (Practice Manager)

"As a practice manger looking after two Podiatrists across three locations this system is a life-saver. I have used three other systems over the last twenty years and can honestly say I love what FootCo. have done. They are developing new useful features all the time in response to users which is great"

New Forest Podiatry
Mr J Olivelle

"I run several large practices in London and the South East. FootCo has made the management of these business really easy. No more paper notes and risks of breaking GDPR rules. The software is really cost effective and all our team have found it easy to use. What’s even more impressive is that we have asked for a few tweaks to suit our practices and the FootCo team have built them for us. "

Patient Management System

The five pillars of our system are:
✔ Purpose built Podiatry electronic patient management system
✔ Approved patient information materials
✔ Clinical policies & tools
✔ Business tools
✔ CPD portfolio & resources

Add Users As You Need Them

✔ £5 per additional user
✔ No more paying for more than you need
✔ You can amend each month to meet your needs

Helping To Support The Future Profession

✔ For approved educational establishments only
✔ We provide free accounts for students on accredited training programmes.
✔ Clinical entries can be locked once approved by tutors

Security For Your Data

✔ Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
✔ Data stored on UK servers
✔ Whole site SSL secure
✔ 3 failed password attempts before account is locked
✔ You can lock account to your device


Upload clinical photos into a patient record saving you time and effort. Use these to compare before and after treatments.


Your account is secured with two-factor authentication. You can also control the strength and style of password used to access your account.


Tag documents such as referral letters, x-ray report directly into a patient file.


Want to know how many new patients you see each month by clinical or practitioner? No problem, with our simple to use business analyser. Using simple drop down filters create complex reports that will export right into Excel. No need for complicated accounting software you can literally drop your business activity into excel including just the activity you want.


You can create invoices and log full and part payments


Add and remove users to your account as you wish. Control what each user can access within your FootCo platform. Monitor staff activity simply and easily and when staff leave simply lock them out of your account to prevent data leaks.


Create a list of the services you offer in your practice and the prices charged. This feeds directly to your calendar and invoicing system making day to day data entry a cinch. You can update and edit at any time.


Use our medical history checklist or add your own questions with our easy to use system.


Create a list of the products you sell in your practice and the prices charged. This feeds directly to your invoicing system making day to day data entry a cinch. You can update and edit at any time.


Communicating with patients is a great way to market your practice. With our simple to use letter templates can create letters from your treatments with a couple of clicks of the mouse. Send securely with our internal encryption system. Even better is that anything you send to a patient is logged in the patients record so you can prove you sent it.


A safe and secure way to keep your clinic diaries. You have full access to who in your team can view, add or edit appointments. Create automated appointment SMS and or email reminders with just a few clicks. View and print clinic schedules. Easy to use for anyone yet powerful enough for the busiest of practices.


Modern practices need to keep pace with technology. Here at FootCo we have developed a range of patient information videos on common conditions and treatments. Click to send to your patients. See how FootCo logs what you have sent to each patient.


Keep track of your CPD is easy with our simple to use CPD tracker. A few clicks and you can print or email a complete list of your activities. This makes work appraisals and CPD audits a cinch.


Our expert panel provide a wide range of approved patient information resources which you can use directly in your own private practice. As an active FootCo account holder you can use these as they are or edit them to add your own practice information. Want something that isn’t there, no problem! Our expert team will try and develop this for you and our other Footco members.


Within FootCo you will find a range of pre-written clinical policies to help you save time and effort when running your business. Want something that isn’t there, no problem! Our expert team will try and develop this for you and our other Footco members.


Did you know that with FootCo you can collect patient reviews for your business without having to pay for third party software. We have a review system built-in included in your subscription.


A FREE website builder for all our FootCo members. Simply choose a theme, select the conditions and treatments you offer from our drop down menu and you’re all set. A FREE website to get your business going.


Save time with your business account by logging your business expenses right within your FootCo account. You can log car mileages for your users, keep track of business expenses and much more. Why pay more fees for accounting software when you can do all this from within your FootCo account.
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